At RDVU we are put the random in rendezvous, connecting you with like minded people with similar interests aiming to turn a randomer into friend.


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A friend of mine and I (once a randomer) met during our university studying Architecture. Within the first three years, we were able to travel four times to three different countries, which was something that previously we'd thought would have never been done. Organising a group holiday is an extreme sport.

We thought to ourselves the number of people missing out on adventures & experiences because they don't share the same experience to the one's closets to them. We live in a world where we have a mixture of socially diverse people, cultures and backgrounds with an unlimited amount of fun to experience. Still, the fear of doing things alone and not having someone to take part in stops people from living the life they desire.

What we are building

We are building RDVU, a service that encourages and allows people of like-minded nature to network and meet new people, share new experiences, and review them to curate a list of London activities.

This is an ongoing project and constantly evolving! Keep checking in to see more progress!