At Survey54 we design tech solutions for market research in Africa. We’re on a mission to make
data easily accessible within emerging markets and to give people a voice through their device.


UI Design


Adobe XD
Invision App

Survey54 specialises in collecting and analysing data in emerging markets by using an automated survey platform, giving organisations the ability to survey millions within Africa and around the world through the power of technology.

My Role

As part of the design team and responsible for the UX & UI, I collaborated with the project manager and the dev team to deliver user interface and experience solutions. I created survey channels for clients such as Kelloggs, Colgate & Nissan for them to collect data on their product & Market.

Problem Space

As a tech solution for market research in Africa, we needed to think about the different emerging market research methods for local markets as a team. With Artificial intelligence & machine learning techniques, we aimed to improve our clients’ market research analysis, design multiple survey channels and different B2C & B2B communications methods.


With the involvement & management of the design projects from initial consultation to successful launches, the team design technology-based systems such as analytical user interfaces and AI Sentiment analysis tools. We aim to create a deeper data level for market research to tackle the 2000+ languages across Africa with the development.

The Challenges

Analysing the user experience from Group up

When I joined the team as an Intern, I did not know much about the market research sector and knew little about user experience design. Before I started, the Survey54 team received feedback on the existing product from a client. The feedback stated that;

" The overall use of the web service was easy to use however there is room for improvement and its lacking that premium feel to it. The platform is straight forward to use but not all options are clearly visible when you initially log on which could be a problem if the user must look for what they need. "

My first task was to get involved using the design sprint method to analyse the product from the ground up to create a prototype to show the client.  It was a learning curve for me experiencing how fast and rapidly you have to learn within a startup or any company. It was challenging to understand the product and create prototypes within a short time constraint. It took a lot of research, competitor analysis’s and questions asked.

Designing for different userflows

It became clear after feedback and client interviews that many clients had different goals and methods for reaching out to respondents. Understanding which solutions would be best to implement first and tailor many other use cases became challenging.

Presenting designs to Stakeholders

It was challenging to get non-designers to understand the mid and high fidelity wireframe design processes during presentations to stakeholders. I found it better sketching using pen and paper and creating low fidelity digital wireframes to test layouts and placement. The operation came out to be faster as I had more time to present completed prototypes.

The User Experience process


The day-to-day process as a UX / UI Designer at Survey54 was discovering and understanding the business requirements to get a fair idea of what the team was implementing or redesigning.


I spent time doing secondary research, competitive analysis and defining a problem with insights and feedback from both clients and stakeholders point of view.

Designing the solution

After researching, we spent time brainstorming different ranges of potential solutions aligned to the feedback and requirements. We created user-flows correlating to the job to be done to map out the wireframes and prototypes we needed to design.

I spent time sketching and creating new low-fidelity digital wireframes for the team and presented high fidelity wireframes to the stakeholders while designing a solution process.


We did produce many iterations as we continuously went through agile and regression testing & Stakeholder feedback, internal and external.


New Dashboard

I helped the team redesign the dashboard to visually display created surveys and statuses to launch surveys for the clients. The new dashboard gave the clients the ability to see how many open surveys they had, completion rate, and respondents’ number. I designed different card views for the surveys.

We implemented a sidebar in the product to navigate easily through different sections of the platform. Hard to navigate was one of the initial feedback we got, and we quickly acted upon it. The sidebar is cohesive with the prominent display of the forum.


We improved the result page by adding new features to compare data using the cross tab feature &  having insights generated by artificial intelligence with visual graphs for different data categories such as gender, employment & age.

Result pages

What I have learnt

Working with Developers

Working efficiently and in line with the developer is essential when designing, testing and shipping an application. There will always be a constant battle between the two. Making sure both parties feel included in the process is essential to build good relationships.

AI Sentiment

I learnt to design concepts for AI sentiment, which was fun and exciting. I had the opportunity to understand how the use of data translated into feelings and emotions.

The growing market in Africa

Joining a startup that focuses on Africa's market has demonstrated how big of an opportunity to build an idea there. There is a lot of area for growth and development.

A Special Thank you

A special thank you to the Survey54 team for allowing me to work for the start-up with minimal experience. During my time, I learnt a lot, and I enjoyed every single moment.